Rivals of Aether: 2021 Developer Recap — 2022 Developer Preview

Developer Recap 2021

Rivals Direct 3

This condensed version has the visual novel and reveals without all the time spent voting.
Twitch playing Rivals of Aether through chat inputs!

Tales of Aether

Tales of Aether on Comixology!

Creatures of Aether

This stage skin for Air Armada is a Creatures of Aether paradise.

Rollback Open Netcode

RCS Season 6

The RCS Season 6 Series Standings in our 3 Regions.
The pop-off heard around the world at Riptide.
A feature on the people at Heat Wave 4 by Dad Kelly Productions.

Developer Preview 2022

Genesis 8

Workshop Character Pack

Hodan and Olympia duking it out on Mollo’s stage skin.
Mollo and Pomme showing off some of their updates.

Dungeons of Aether

Julesvale Art by Dallin from our 3D team.
Hamir concept art by Andy Ayala and Marc Knelsen.
Animations by Ellian and effects by jasontomlee.

Aether Studios

Any 3D Updates?

A shield screenshot from April 2021
What? New gameplay?!! Wow, this looks so good. WHAT THE HECK! When can I play?



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Dan Fornace

Dan Fornace

Game Director and Designer. Creator of Rivals of Aether. Worked on Killer Instinct (2013) and other games at Microsoft Studios.